Adventures With George

George has been a DJ for many years, but in the early years he was also the lead singer and guitarist for many popular groups. One of the most well-known was the New Breeds.
George poses with fellow musicians during his 60's band days. George preps the group for the big finish.
Here George is holding his "59 Fender Stratocaster. WCGY's Cheryl Gowdy and George at Randolph Music Center's record convention.
George posing for another publicity shot. The one at the Post Office wasn't quite right. This is George posing with an adoring fan. She must have lost her glasses on the way to the show.
When we were in Wildwood, NJ recently, George decided that a trip into space was called for. Check out the video clip to the right!!

George's experience at the Boston-Providence Skydive Center was well worth seeing!
The Yesterday's Memories gang and guests get ready to head for the Boston-Providence Skydive Center . George with the Skydive contest winners.
Well George, here we are. Are you ready for this? Steve and Larry are getting everything ready for the live broadcast.
"We need a clear signal because otherwise nobody's going to believe this", Steve says. OK George, we hope you enjoy your last meal...uh..I mean before your jump, that is!
Shaylin asks,"Do you really think that he'll do it?" "Do I have to get in one of those?" moans George.
Maybe we should put this off until 2006! Well it's too late now. There's a lot of space down there.
Hey! This isn't so bad after all. This free fall stuff is a piece of cake.
This chute business is for amateurs. It takes a real man to free fall. I hate to brag, but did you see that landing?
George and his jump partner smile for the camera.
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