Ed’s wife, Diane, is our inspiration behind the scenes here at RealOldies.com. She was heavily involved with us in the music business until her untimely death in 1991.

When it comes to problem
solving at realoldies.com. Joel has everything under control.

Larry is our remote broadcast engineer; in fact, he would like us to be as remote as possible.
Steve, our chief engineer, has a vast knowledge of all the latest technology.
Eric is remote broadcast assistant. That means he spends a lot of time keeping Larry under control.
Kendall takes care of phone calls and requests. She also likes to be on stage so we bought a ticket for one leaving town in the morning.
When they’re not balancing something on their noses, Shaylin and Breezy place their Seal of Approval on all the good things that happen at realoldies.com. Ed and Bill are still waiting for theirs.

American Computer Technologies in Marshfield takes care of RealOldies.com's computer needs.

Pam designed and updates the website with Carolyn & Ellen's help.

David & Devin keep their computers running.

And, of course, everyone works for Glenda!

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