In case you haven't noticed, George had a huge ego. He thought he knew everything about oldies music, so this is your chance to show all of us that you know a thing or two!

Jimmy Dee and the Offbeats recorded "Henrietta" as a tribute to their idol. Who was their idol?
First one to get the correct answer is the winner!

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We had many correct gursses on this one. It was Randy Wood who later started Dot Records.

We finally have a winner on the current trivia question. This question was first posted on November 11, 2009. We've had an incredible number of guesses, but Paul Leonard of Lynn Mass. got it correct. The first 45rpm release on the Beatles' Apple label was "Thingumybob/Yellow Submarine" by Black Dyke Mills Band. Great work Paul.

We had three winners on the trivia question. "What was Johnny Mathis' first record?" Ron Olson from Gainesville, Florida, Phil Buotte of W.Wareham, Mass and Judy from SW Michigan all had the correct answer; "Wonderful, Wonderful" Good work!!

Two winners again on the trivia question, "What was the Everly Bros. first hit?" It was "Keep A'lovin' Me" on Columbia records. Ned Murray from Melrose, Mass. was the first one and Steve Sands of Conway, SC came in second.

Finally a winner on the current trivia question. 'What was Bobby Darin's first record?" The answer is "The Rock Island Line" on Decca Records in 1956. MooMa from New Jersey got it right.

We had two winners on the latest trivia question. "Who had the first big hit on the Uni label?" It was the Strawberry Alarm Clock. Philippe Lussier from Quebec City, Canada and Dennis Chick of Whitman, Mass. both had the correct answer. Good work guys.

Karen Rocco from Homer Glen, Ill. had the correct answer to the question,"What was Johnny Mathis' first record? "Wonderful, Wonderful" . Good job Karen.

We had many correct answers, but the most recent was from Gary Belich of Deluth, Minn. John Lennon said the if you gave rock and roll another name, it would be Chuck Berry.

This trivia question received numerous answers, however Donna Perry of Norwood, Mass., Larry Roberts of Portage, Indiana, and Margaret and Joe Bennett of Quincy, Mass. were all correct. The movie in which Elvis' parents appeared was "Loving You".

It didn't take folks long to get the correct answer this time.The first two correct answers came from Joe Kelley of Randolph, Mass and Robert Kramer of Vero Beach, Florida both said the Harold Dorman had the only major hit on the Rita Record label. The song was "Mountain of Love".

The answer to the current Trivia question, "What was the first hit on the Swan label?" was "Click Clack" by Dickey Doo and the Don'ts. Gene Babin of Hingham, Mass and Lorrie Medel of Dearborn,Michigan had the correct answer.

We had many correct answers to the Trivia Box question. Who recorded the song "To Make a Long Story Short" on the Scepter label? It was Eddie and the Starlites. Joe Kelley of Randolph, Mass., Jack Worthley of Marblehead, Mass., Gene from Scituate, Mass., Robert Kramer of Vero Beach, Florida, Jessica Arce, Weymouth, Mass., Sue Miller, Kansas City,Kansas and Ray Hennebury of Duxbury, Mass. all had the correct answer. Thanks, eveeryone for being part of George's Trivia Box.

Charles Bear from Chicago, Ill. had the correct answer this time around. Dicky Doo and the Don'ts updated song was "Click Clack '65"

We had quite of few correct guesses on this one. John Worthley from Marblehead, Mass., James Hill of Astoria, Oregon, Lisa Auga from Douglas, Mass., Bob Cogliano of Everett, Mass., and John Krause of Crestwood, Ill. all had correct guesses. Jackie DeShannon originally recorded under the names Sherry Lee Myers, Jackie Dee, and Jackie Shannon. Thanks for all your guesses.

John Bruder from Shepherd, Michigan didn't waste any time getting the correct answer to the current question. Roy Orbison's first three records on Monument were "Paper Boy", "Uptown" and "Only the Lonely". Great job John. You are the all time winner in the fastest winner category.

We had many correct answers to the trivia question but Larry Sabadini from Quincy, Mass had the first correct answer for the question. Jimmy Bowen and Buddy Knox had the first two hits on Roulette records. "I'm Sticking with You" and "Party Doll"

Bob Kramer of Vero Beach, Florida and Leonard Starr of Mingo Junction, Ohio both got the correct answer. The P.F. Sloan tune done by the Searchers was "Take Me for What I'm Worth", Thanks for playing.

Dennis from Whitman, Mass guessed "Crocadile Rock" as Elton John's first record on MCA.

John Conaster from Lincolnshire, England guessed correctly that the first record on Liberty was "The Girl Upstairs" by Lionel Newman, Liberty 55001. Good job John.

Three correct guesses come in almost at the same time. Richard Neagle from West Haven, Conn, Neil McCormick from Minnesota and Karl Worth from Wi., R. The answer to the question "Who produced and managed the Chantels, Richard Barrett.

We had an incredible number of guesses on this one, but no correct ones until Erik Fredrikson of Derry, New Hampshire guessed that "Butterfly" by Charlie Gracie was the first major hit on the Cameo label.

It didn't take long this time. We have a winner. The original name of the recording group, The Quintones was the Quinteros. Bob Green of Seattle, Washington was the winner. Good work Bob.

We finally have a winner on the latest trivia question, Who recorded "That Lovin' Feeling" before the Grassroots? There were many guesses , The Righteous Brothers being the most common guess, however, Bobby Rydell was the correct answer. Robert Stearns of Kent, England had the answer. Congratulations!

The trivia question,"Joey Dee recorded a song 'Down by the Riverside. What was the name of the back-up group?" Because we did not specify that we were looking for the vocal back-up group rather than the instrumental band members, we had two winners.
Billy Daniels of Philadelphia, Pa. was correct with the answer,The Starliters. Also correct with the answer The Ronettes(vocal back-up) was Steve Sands of Weymouth, Mass.

M J Hewins of the Pacific Northwest had the answer to:" What was the first group name used by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters?" Answer: The Royals

David Lawyer of Tewksbury, Mass was correct with his answer to the question,"Lee Andrews and the Hearts had many hits. What group was Lee's father in"? Answer: The Dixie Hummingbirds

Peggy DelSelva of Norwood, Mass had the correct answer to the question,"What Rolling Stones song did the Searchers sing?" Answer: "Take It or Leave It"

Anthony Scampoli of Plymouth, Mass had the correct answer this time. The question: Who sang "Daddy's Home, but Momma's Gone"? Answer: The Monotones

Donna Perry of Norwood, Mass had the correct answer to:"What was the first hit record on the Monument label?" Answer: Billy Grammer's "Gotta Travel On"

Jerry Bond of Rochester, N.Y. had the correct answer to the trivia question"What girl group backed Bobby Rydell on many of his recordings? Answer: The Sherrys (These girls are the daughters of well-known singer Little Joe Cook)

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