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But if you need your oldies fix at a time when Ed and George's "Yesterday's Memories" with Ed and BC isn't currently on the air, we have last week's show archived. Also on Archive are Bill Clark's Music Heaven, Jimmy Jay's "Rewind" show", "At the Hop" with Kevin Boles, and "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay" with Joe Terry and Frank Maffei of Danny and the Jrs.

These shows are large audio files so it will take a while for download, but great oldies are always worth the wait!!

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Real Oldies "Live" Concerts


Check out pictures from Lowell Auditorium show October 2, 2010.


Breaking News!

We just received word from Frank Maffei of Danny and the Jrs. that we have lost another friend in the music business. Frankie Ford of "Sea Cruise" fame has passed away. Frankie was a good guy and a great talent. We'll miss you.

Another of the great performers from the 50's and 60's has passed away. Leslie Gore lost her battle with lung cancer today, February 16, 2015. She left a long list of hits starting with "It's My Party" from 1963.

We've lost another great from the world of music. Joe B. Mauldin, bass player from Buddy Holly's Crickets, passed away on February 7, 2015. We had the honor and pleasure of working with Joe and the other Crickets many times-all class act guys.

We were notified by Todd Baptista of the passing of Richard Davis of the Five Willows. Richie Passed away on February 2, 2015. The Five Willows are best known for the huge national hit "Church Bells May Eing", but had an amazing list of fabulous recordings over the years.


We are saddened to announce the passing of our good friend and original member of the G-Clefs, Ray Gipson. The G-Clefs scored chart wise with two giant hits, "Ka Ding Dong" and "I Understand". We'll miss you buddy.

We are pleased to announce that we have a new co-host on "Yesterday's Memories". A graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Bob Scurti has joined Ed on-air and Bill Clark will remain as show producer. Bob has a great interest in music and will be a fabulous addition to the show. Great to have you on board!

We received word that our dear friend, Little Joe Cook, passed away Tuesday April 15, 2014 after a long battle with cancer. Joe was a wonderful and talented guy and we'll miss him big time.

We just received word that our friend and pioneer artist Reather Turner, lead singer of The Bobbettes passed away the evening of January 7, 2014 from a heart attack. She was a great artist and a lot of fun. We'll miss you, Reather.



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