Yesterday's Memories is a weekly oldies show and was hosted by long time DJs Ed and George for twenty years. Early in 2008, we lost George after a battle with cancer. At that time, a good and long-time friend of both George and Ed, Bill Clark, stepped in for George. Bill has many years in the music business and is host of his own show, Bill Clark's Music Heaven, heard Sunday evenings at 10:00pm est on and WATD. Yesterday's Memories is broadcast on 95.9 fm WATD and on Saturday evening from 6:00 p.m. est to midnight and specializes in playing music of the fifties, sixties, and early seventies.

Unlike the vast majority of oldies radio shows which play the same 200 or 300 songs over and over again, "Yesterday's Memories" features not only the big hits of those decades, but also many songs that were hits in their day, but are no longer played on most radio stations.

Phone, fax and email requests from cities and towns far outside WATD's average listening area are received weekly. The show's many listeners know they will have a chance to hear some of their favorite songs that just don't get air play elsewhere. Songs that many people haven't heard in years, or possibly some that they have never heard are featured throughout the evening mixed in with comical bantering occurring between Ed and Bill.

In addition to the wide spectrum of music played, Bill and Ed offer interesting background information on the music they play as well. Being 45+year veterans in the business, you can imagine the stories and information they have to tell. The mix of music, the dry humor and the zany behavior that is prevalent throughout the evening, coupled with all the interesting facts presented, makes this show a real find for true oldies lovers.

Until recently, Yesterday's Memories could only be heard if you lived within a hundred miles of Marshfield, Massachusetts, where WATD is located. But now you can listen to Bill and Ed anywhere in the world, if you have an Internet connection and the RealPlayer plugin for your browser.

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