Clear Lake 2001
As usual, festivities at the Surf 2001 were a great time. It was terrific working with Johnny Preston and Brian Hyland again.
Great car!! This 1958 Ford is a showpiece for the Clear Lake police department
Some of the year round residents enjoy the Back ard Deli in Clear Lake center. We've made some wonderful friends in Clear Lake
"You know what I like." The Big Bopper Jr. performs on stage in Clearlake.
The Fireballs rock the crowd at the Surf
The many celebrities that have performed at the Surf sign the dressing room walls.
Ritchies Valens family members signed the wall on the 34th anniversary of the plane crash.
DJ Randy Chesterman and George
George and Brian Hyland backstage
Johnny Preston, Brian Mahoney, Big Bopper Jr., Brian Hyland, Tom McCarthy
and Randy Chesterman backstage
Ed and George conduct the Friday night costume and dance contests every year.
George is trying to convince everybody at the Surf that he really does belong there. Are they buying that? Not so sure!
These two folks came all the way from Great Britain to the Surf. They really enjoyed the costume contest
Our friend Bea Thompson along with Ken and Mary from the Back Yard Deli pose with Brian Hyland
A listener of ours from Belgium chats with George and DJ's from KLSS Mason City, Iowa during a remote broadcast at the Holiday Inn
Brian Hyland was at his best this year. What a pro!
The Vees put on a wild show for the crowd. They are are almost as good at being acrobats as they are musicians


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