Clear Lake 2002
It doesn't seem possible, but another year has slipped by and we find ourselves back at the Surf Ballroom for another Winter Dance Party weekend.
The "Yesterday's Memories" gang get ready to board the limo to Logan Airport for the trip to Clear Lake
The Surf Ballroom is always a welcome sight each year.
On Friday night, Ed and George host the dance and costume contests at the Surf.
The crowd really gets into the dance contests on Friday night.
Tommy Alsup, who was on the original Winter Dance Party tour with Buddy Holly, talks with George during Saturday afternoon's Fanfare at the Surf
This is the Grammy Tommy Alsup received during the eighties for his work with the country group Asleep at the Wheel
Our DJ friend Harry-O from KLSS and KRIB does remote broadcasts each year during the Winter Dance Party weekend. Ed and George always stop by for an on-air interview and to disrupt his show
During Harry-O's remote broadcast, the "Yesterday's Memories" crew invaded Harry's show. Harry did very well in controlling the situation, in fact he didn't even need to call security>
The Crystals were a definite hit at this year's performance.
Everybody's favorites, The Drifters, with original lead Charlie Thomas, did a great job as usual.
Ed, Ernie Valens, Tommy Roe, Robyn, Carl Bunch, and George backstage during the show at the Surf
Carl Bunch was the drummer on the 1959 Winter Dance Party tour who got frostbite on the way to Clearlake and left the tour just before the show at the Surf, It was a thrill meeting him.
Freddy Cannon and his wife Jeanette. What nice folks they are!
George interviews a young Buddy Holly fan during Fanfare.
George is with three of ClearLake's finest, Mike, Pam and Rex. I can't quite see the handcuffs.
Brandon and Joe make their first visit to the crash site.
Jaime and Steph from channel 3 in Mason City, Iowa pose with George at the Surf. Later in the day, they reported "live" during channel 3's news broadcasts.
Ed and George had the pleasure of meeting some Canadian listeners. I'm sure that after meeting Ed and George, they were very glad to get back to Canada.
Headed home and here comes the plane now.
Are they ready for Ed amd George?
Donna was our flight attendant. I don't think she's quite sure of our mental stability. Gee, I wonder why.
By the end of the flight to Minneapolis, I think she felt a little more secure. There's nothing wrong with us, wrong with us, wrong with us!


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