Clear Lake 2005
Dick and Dottie Smith and Steve and Bobbi Sands take the limo to Logan Airport on their way to Clear Lake. Ed and George took an earlier flight.
George relaxes a bit at the "Yesterday's Memories" official motel, the Heartland.
Ed and George enjoy the company of Amy and Roxy. I doubt the girls feel the same way!
The "Yesterday's Memories" gang as well as some folks from North Carolina join some Clear Lake residents at the Back Yard Deli.
Ed and George hit the record show while in Clear Lake. Rocky, the world's greatest record dealer, was there.
Richie Lee is in the phone booth at the Surf from which Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens called home just before leaving for the airport.
These are a few of the guys who came up on stage for the costume contest.
Everyone attending the Surf show each year, really gets into dancing.
Each year the Brits sponsor a great party in Clear Lake. Jamie Aaron Kelley and Amy McNace put on a great show.
Amy, who portrays Marilyn Monroe each year, tries to give George a kiss while he tries to fight her off. Yeh right!!
The cake at the party pictures Buddy, Ritchie, and the Bopper.
Jason D. Williams put on the best performance we've ever seen him do.
Jason and his guitar player goof around on stage.
Richie Lee performed at the Brit's party. He was great as usual.
This is the view from our hotel window. Those are ice fishing shacks out on the ice. Thanks, but I'll get my fish at the market, thank you.
Steve and Bobbi Sands pose with Gerry Dwyer. Gerry owned the plane that crashed that fateful night.


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