Clear Lake 2006
The activities out in Clear Lake were great. Between the four nights of shows at the Surf, Ed and George's two days of broadcasting "Yesterday's Memories" live on KRIB Mason City, the record show where, of course, Ed and George got more records(as if they need any more) or the good times with their many friends, this was a banner year.
As you folks that attended the festivities at the Surf this year probably remember, we took pictures from the stage and told you to check website to see yourselves. Well here are the pictures. See anyone familiar?,
It was a great pleasure working with Charlie Gracie. What a pro!
Kendall from the Tutti Fruitties is with Dean Snyder, owner of the Surf Ballroom.
Richie Lee and Kendall performed at a sold out function in Clear Lake. The crowd loved them as usual.
George is with a great performer and a real nice guy, Jamie Aaron Kelly.
Ed and George were asked to do their radio show, "Yesterday's Memories" from the studios of KRIB while they were in Mason City, Iowa. Insanity as usual.
Ed and George's good friend, Harry-O of KLSS and KRIB stopped to inspect what was left of their studios after Ed and George were through broadcasting.


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