Clear Lake 2007
Well, the Fifties in February 2007 shows this year were fantastic. This year's events were among the best in a long time. Check out some of the great times below.
We want to take just a moment to congratulate The Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce for the outstanding job they did in organizing and presenting this year's activities at the Surf. You folks should be very proud!!
This line-up on the Surf's marquis is only a partial list of the great entertainers appearing at the Surf this year.
Jamie is one of the nice people who work at the Heartland Inn in Clear Lake where we stay each year.
Saturday afternoon, all the performers gathered for fanfare where they signed autographs.
Dale Hawkins and Kendall of the Tutti Fruitties posed for pictures for fans.
Here you can see George posing with three of the guys from Jay and the Americans. They tried to get away, but George was too fast for them.
George and Ed Perry, owner of WATD, are with two of the St. Paul Sweeties. We haven't seen these gals for twelve years. What a great surprise.
It was great to spend some time with Jimmy Gilmer of the Fireballs.
Right about now Barbara Lewis is thinking she should have probably stayed home.
This is the famous Rocky that you,ve heard about. He is with his friend Eva. Would you buy records from this man? Absolutely!!!
Three members of Jay and the Americans pose for pictures with Herbie Cox, lead singer of the Cleftones.
Tommy Alsup was with Buddy Holly in his last show at the Surf on February 2, 1959. Here Tommy visits the Surf gift shop.
George and Herbie Cox of the Cleftones seem to be having a good time. How much do you suppose George had to pay him to Smile?
After his performance, Dale Hawkins sold CD;s and pictures and signed autographs. Steve Sands and Kevin Boles of WATD joined Dale.
Each year on the Sunday morning following the show, the "Yesterday's Memories" gang are joined by a lot of the local Clear Lake residents for breakfast. This year everyone met at a new restaurant called "Picnic by the Lake".
Once again we want to thank the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce for their superb effort in putting on "Fifties in February 2007". We are really looking forward to 2008.


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