Clear Lake 2010
It's hard to believe, but we're back again. This year's show was an important one in that after the hype of the 50th, there was some concern that folks might lose interest. NO WAY!!!!! SOLD OUT!!!! What an event.
This sign hangs over the opening on to the ballroom floor.
Laurie, the manager of the Surf, poses with Freddy Cannon backstage.
Dickey Lee is backstage with Bill.
Bobby Hendricks really had an "Itchy Twitchy Feeling" after being around Ed and Bill.


Bob Hale, who was the MC on February 2nd, 1959, is standing beside Frankie Sardo, who hasn't appeared at the Surf since that night in 1959. They are joined by Bill.

Every year the "Yesterday's Memories" crew stays at The Heartland Inn. This year they needed both Jane and Tess on hand to control Ed and Bill.
As usual, Ed and Bill went to the record show to get more records from Rocky and Eva. "Would you buy records from this man? Absolutely!"
As usual, our first stop when arriving in Clear Lake is the Back Yard Deli in Clear Center. There is always a welcoming committee of local residents. It's always great to see so many old friends.
Ed and Bill always look forward to seeing Gerry Dwyer and his lovely wife. They are the owners of the plane that crashed that fateful night.
Another of Ed and Bill's favorite stops is the Starboard Market in Clear Lake. You'll always find great food and good company there.
Jen(on the right) is the owner of the Starboard Market and Mary is one of the super employees.
It's not that Ed and Bill like to eat a lot, it's just that they like to eat a lot. Ge-jos is a great Italian restuarant in Clear Lake.
Ed Perry, the owner of WATD-FM took Ed, Bill and the whole gang to dinner at Ge-Jos. Freddie Cannon and his wife Jeannette and Charlie Gracie and his wife Joan came along too. What a great time.
Holly, our waitress at Ge-Jos, came over to pose with Freddie Cannon for a picture. She was super!
Charlie Gracie spent time talking to some of the folks that went to the luncheon sponsored by the British Buddy Society.
Bill got Ed to spend money on the luncheon. It was such an earthshattering event, he insisted on having a picture of the actual bills taken for posterity.
Here we see the Orlons signing autographs at fanfare.
Freddy Cannon and Charlie Gracie also signed at fanfare.
You're not going to believe it, but they're eating again, this time at Perkins.
Just follow this crew around and you'll find good food.
As usual, the event at the Surf was excellent. We want to congratulate Laurie, Shane, Jeff, and Paul for a job well done. Number 52 will be here before you know it.


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