Interesting Folks
A lot of interesting people have crossed our paths over the years. Listening to Tiny Tim tell the story of his wedding to Miss Vicki on the Johnny Carson show-now that's interesting! The pictures on this page will give a chance to see some of the interesting folks we've had the pleasure of meeting over the years.
Ed talks with Elvis Presley's Uncle Vester Presley at Graceland.
Dan from the Cole Brothers- Clyde Beatty Circus is trying to convince his friend that Ed and George are harmless. Good luck!
Bill Griggs, founder of the Buddy Holly Society, has had it with George
Ed with Ritchie Valens' girlfriend, the "real" Donna
Gerry and Mrs. Dwyer, owners of the plane that crashed killing Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, RitchieValens, and pilot Roger Peterson
Ed with Governor of Iowa Terry Branstead and Mrs. Branstead
DJ Jim Zippo and Maria
You've heard the song, well here she is, the real "Peggy Sue"


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