Marshfield Fair 2001

The shows at this year's fair were fantastic. Take a look at these legendary performers!

We always have a great time at rehearsal.
Ed and George open the 14th anniversary show.
Freddy Cannon did his usual top notch show for the crowd.
Freddy belts out "Palisades Park"
Tommy Roe kept the crowd rocking for two shows.
Hits like "Sheila", "Dizzy" and "Hooray for Hazel" kept the crowd cheering.
The gals from Rochester, New York, It's My Party, didn't disappoint anyone with their stellar performance.
Aubrey is showing how it's done during the evening show.
"Hello baby, you know what I like". The Big Bopper Jr. was an incredible hit with everyone.
This gentleman, when he was about twelve years old, sent a card to the Big Bopper asking for an autographed pictue and received it. Meanwhile some 40 years later the Big Bopper Jr. found this card when he was going through some of his father's belongings. They met at this Fair this year, Mr. Kutzen with his picture and the Bopper with the card. It was a very emotional meeting.
The "Big Bopper's Wedding" was a big hit for the Bopper Sr. in 1959. When the Bopper Jr. sang the song at this years' show, he certainly didn't expect to see this sight-George in a wedding dress. SCAREY
Security made short work of George.
The finale at the end of the show is always a blast!
All the performers come on stage for the finale.


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