Marshfield Fair 2005

This was a super year for our Marshfield show. This year marks 18 years of "Yesterday's Memories" on WATD.

We want to dedicate this year's show to our good friend Bobby Burns who passed away this year. We miss you Bobby.

Ed and George open the 2005 show on the afternoon of August 17th.
The Turntables did a fabulous show. They are real pros.
The Turntables dress the part. Here they are singing "Blue Navy Blue". I never would have guessed it, right?
Favorites, The Tutti Fruitties were back again this year. No one was disappointed, that's for sure.
Here the Tuttis sing "Thank You and Goodnight" during the evening show.
The Boston Rockabillies joined us this year. They sure rocked evryone.
Believe it or not, this is George preparing for another scary performance. Where's security when you need them.
Tori wishes George good luck. He's going to need it.
George made his entrance as Cher during the Turntables Sonny and Cher segment.
Security made short work of George. Good work guys.
Many prople say Ed is for the birds. Here we have proof.
Trust us ,Ed, that balloon does nothing for you.
The Tuttis are busy signing autographs for their fans.
Speaking of fans, these little girls are huge Tutti Fruittie fans.
Chris Montez really got the crowd going with his many hits.
Kathy Young asked the Tutti Fruittiesto sing background for her during her show. She wasn't disappointed.
Chris and Kathy had a big hit together with "All You Had to Do is Tell Me". here they sing it together for only the second time in over 30 years. What a treat.
Al Lorusso of the Wing-it Band spent some time with Chris and Kathy.
Chris and Kathy and the Wing-it band relax backstage between shows.
Here we see Chris Montez and Moulty of the Barbarians.
Tori, Moulty of the Barbarians and George rock during the finale.
Not to be outdone, Ed and Kathy Young join Tori and Moulty during the night show finale. What a great way to end the night.
Ed is signing a picture for a fan. It took him a while to remember his name. Just kidding!
After the show, Chris and Kathy and the whole "Yesterday's Memories" gang went to Nick's diner in Weymouth Landing. Man. we all sure were hungry.
We want to thank Cheryl and Joel, Steve and Bobbi Sands, Steve Walsh sound, Dick Smith and Tedeschi Food Shop, the Wing-it Band, Tori, the Tutti Fruitties, The Boston Rockabillies, The Turntables, Carlton Chandler and the whole Marshfield Fair gang, and of course Chris Montez and Kathy Young for a wonderful 18th anniversary show. Lenny Baker of Sha Na Na was originally scheduled to be in the show, but couldn't attend due to illness. Our best wishes go out to Lenny.




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