Over the years we have met and worked with so many wonderful folks in the music business. Here you'll see many of the legends of rock and roll on stage, backstage or just talking and relaxing. Notice that many of them avoid Ed and George whenever possible. Wise move!
Our friend DJ Jimmy J was at a concert recently with Brian Hyland, Johnny Tillotson, Bobby Vee, and Fabian. Must have been a boring night, right. I don't think so!!!!!!
Ed and George spent some time with all the original Diamonds at the Vocal Group Hall of Fame show in Wildwood, New Jersey.
Barry Cowsill of the Cowsills and Ed just hanging around before showtime at the summer concert series in Plymouth, Mass.
Kendall poses with Shirley Alston Reeves of the Shirelles backstage at the Whittemore Center in New Hampshire.
Kendall and Larry join Charlie Thomas of the Drifters backstage in New Hampshire.
Ed and George with the Four Lads at the South Shore Music Circus
Ed talks with Al Rappa of
Bill Haley's Comets
Al Rappa with his famous bass
Moulty with the new Barbarians
Carl Perkins on stage in Clear Lake, Iowa
Carl Perkins rocking the crowd
at the Surf
Elvis' drummer, D. J. Fontana relaxes before the show in Clear Lake
The Shirelles' Shirley Alston Reeves
Frankie "Sea Cruise" Ford and
Dick "Needs" Smith
England's Mike Berry in Clear Lake
Ed and Gale Storm
Gale Storm in Ed's 1956 Ford
Lewis Lymon at Bill Clark's Music Heaven signing autographs
The Belmonts in the dressing room backstage
George, Ed, and Bill Clark
with Sonny Curtis
Lewis Lymon with Kendall at
Bill Clark's Music Heaven
Backstage with the Fleetwoods
Gary and Cheryl of the Fleetwoods
Gary Troxel of the Fleetwoods talking with Jimmy Keyes of the Chords
George talking show-biz
with Gary Troxel
Limo time with Ed, George and Cheryl of the Fleetwoods
Jack Scott with Dave Rowe, George, and Stan Getz
Lewis Lymon by Ed's 1956 Ford
Two stars of the fifties,
Lewis Lymon and Ed's 1956 Ford
Moulty of the Barbarians
George is trying to become one of the Pixies 3 or is it the Pixies 4?
Scott Douglas and the Memphis connection in concert
Ed and George with
Jimmy Keyes of the Chords
Ed and Bobby Vee
Ed with Maria Elena Holly
Ed and Bo Diddley
George and J. I. Allison of the Crickets solving the world's problems
Tommy "Bubba" Facenda of Gene Vincent's Bluecaps with George
George, Ernie Valens, and
Stan Lark of the Fireballs
George and the legendary Narvel Felts
in conference
I guess Narvel isn't tired of George yet
Ed and George pose with
Niki Sullivan of the Crickets
Ed, Bobby Lewis, and George backstage in Boston

Kendall and Mary Wilson of the Supremes at a memorabilia show in Wilmington, Mass.


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