Fair 98
In August of 1998 "Yesterday's Memories" held another live rock and roll show at the Marshfield Fair in Marshfield, Mass. The show that year was to commemorate Ed and George's eleventh year at WATDfm. Once George found his way out of the cow barn the show went on without a hitch.

Ed and George pose next to "Yesterday's Memories" 1956 Ford with The Pixies3, Bobby Lewis, and Brian Hyland
George, or is it Georgia, displays the latest in beach wear
Bobby Lewis and Caryn at rehearsal party
Bobby Lewis is waiting for Kendall to join him in song

Bobby Lewis and George at the Yesterday's Memories studios
Bobby and Kendall-showtime

The two clowns of rock and roll,
Ed and George, on stage
The Pixies 3 and Bobby Lewis on stage

The show finale-everyone on stage
Pixies 3 on stage

Ed, George, Bobby Lewis, Brookstreet, The Pixies 3, Brian Hyland, Brian Mahoney and Tom McCarthy at the rehearsal party
Ed, Bobby, and Sky at rehearsal


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