Good Friends
We've made some great friends in the music business over the years. Performers and fans alike have made what we're doing a real joy. Here you'll see many of these fine folks that we've had the pleasure of knowing.
In Memorium
We here at Realoldies will sincerely miss our good friend Tom McCarthy who passed away recently after a long bout with cancer. Our sincere condolences go out to all his family and friends.
Would you buy records from this man? You better believe you would. This is Rocky and he is one of the best guys in the business.
Ed and George are with Steve Walsh who does the sound for many of the shows they produce. They are also with their good friend Bob Burns who passed away recently. He will be missed.
Ron Dwyer
Ed, Ron, and George
Who's that strange person behind me?" Ron says. "Oh! Just George."
Ron's laughing. George forgot his pants
Jack Scott
Jack signing a two-year old Eric's coloring book.
Tiny Tim
Ed and Tiny on stage, Rockland, Mass.
Ed, George, and Tiny at the
Cape Cod Melody Tent
Backstage with Ed, Little Joe Cook, Tiny Tim, and George
Ed and George with jazz DJ, Burt Lewis
Ken and Mary at the Back Yard Deli, Clear Lake, Iowa
George is with one of the
nicest people we know,
Bea Thompson of Clear Lake, Iowa
Former manager of the Surf Ballroom Daryl Heim enjoys a cup of coffee at the Back Yard Deli in Clear Lake
Bobby Lewis and our good buddy Tom McCarthy backstage at a Boston show


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